sobota 17. října 2015

Chocolate and sex 

This is how my typical day goes. I wake up. I am hungry and horny. I am hoping there is a giant chocolate cake in my fridge to be eaten with a cappuccino of a size of a head. I usually survive on fruit and oats. When I am well fed, I get super horny… So I go and dance it out. After I come back, I have to eat something and well, when I am well fed… so I immense myself work, hoping that there is a lunch at the end of the tunnel.

Lunch! My favorite time of the day! I can eat a lot and even have a giant chocolate cake with a cappuccino of a size of a head cause I still have a chance to burn it. After I am well fed…

OR I am actually doing something. And I skip lunch and I don’ t even notice that.
There are actually a few occasions when I DON’T get hungry and horny AT ALL. Shooting. Theatre. Acting. I forget about time, food and even myself. I am sure if someone said sex I’ d be like yeah don’ t bother me I am talking to my character on a telepathic Skype…

Otherwise when studying, I am hungry and horny! Cleaning? Cooking?!! Of course!!!
So, yeah. Conclusions? Never be my boyfriend. Send me to a film set. Send me to a dance studio or tell me to do two hundred errands. And DEFINITELY send me to some chocolate&sex rehab. 

I’ve heard there is one in Malibu, Right?

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