sobota 7. listopadu 2015

Suffering in Hollywood

Bloody Facebook. 
“How is LA?”, ”How is Hollywood treating you, my friend?” “How r u in LaLa?”
Fuck you, I wish to reply to all the nosy bastards that still care for me.
They surely want to hear the Globe is turning the other way around over here and I am marrying Leo Di Caprio tomorrow. But nothing like that is happening…yet.

The Czech way of making sure your life is OK is making sure that life of others suck.
So let me tell you, I do suffer in the US. No one gets drunk with me. Everyone wants to sleep with me. And, what is even worse, everyone wants to be my friend because I listen to them, which seems to be a payed profession in this country. 

I am eating veggie burgers twice a day, because one portion can feed the entire Czech village that I come from. And I work out like Rocky Balboa every day. We get sticky sweaty in the heat and then no one grabs a beer. They drink a protein shake instead. Chia latte, Ginko Balboa, Acai Massai, Superfood Superman, Batman Alcaline Water, Magic Pill Water that turns you into an actor?

In my country, we rehearse theatre for free while sleeping on the floor, living on beer and cigarettes when we are “struggling actors”. Here, they stick their hopes and dreams on vision boards and wait to get lucky while being fit and sober. Weird country, I am telling you!

Acting. It is all about acting. Every day. Not as Desdemona in a beautiful castle staying in a five star hotel anymore for me. Instead, in a little West Hollywood theatre. For free. Just like when I was beginning 7 years ago. Just like when I used to sleep on the floor and survived on beer and cigarettes. Only now, I am sincerely hoping that one day, someone will give me the job I put on my vision board. 

Cheers to that! She toast with her protein shake.

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