sobota 17. října 2015

Chocolate and sex 

This is how my typical day goes. I wake up. I am hungry and horny. I am hoping there is a giant chocolate cake in my fridge to be eaten with a cappuccino of a size of a head. I usually survive on fruit and oats. When I am well fed, I get super horny… So I go and dance it out. After I come back, I have to eat something and well, when I am well fed… so I immense myself work, hoping that there is a lunch at the end of the tunnel.

Lunch! My favorite time of the day! I can eat a lot and even have a giant chocolate cake with a cappuccino of a size of a head cause I still have a chance to burn it. After I am well fed…

OR I am actually doing something. And I skip lunch and I don’ t even notice that.
There are actually a few occasions when I DON’T get hungry and horny AT ALL. Shooting. Theatre. Acting. I forget about time, food and even myself. I am sure if someone said sex I’ d be like yeah don’ t bother me I am talking to my character on a telepathic Skype…

Otherwise when studying, I am hungry and horny! Cleaning? Cooking?!! Of course!!!
So, yeah. Conclusions? Never be my boyfriend. Send me to a film set. Send me to a dance studio or tell me to do two hundred errands. And DEFINITELY send me to some chocolate&sex rehab. 

I’ve heard there is one in Malibu, Right?

čtvrtek 15. října 2015

The Love and I

There has been only two phases in my life. When I am happy and in love and when I am alone and trying to prove myself I am better off like that. As sad as it sounds, in the end it makes me a hopeless romantic (or an idiot), always thinking that love will find it’s way back to my life. I am definitely a person who is always HOPING (that he only cheated once and will definitely change) and NEVER GIVES UP ON LOVE (it doesn’t really count when he broke up with me in a text, right? He will still fly over with a bunch of roses, propose to me and then I will give birth to three beautiful kids of the most amazing liar and cheater in the world, right??!!)I think the ones not hoping for things to turn good are either lying OR they built a protective wall of cynicism and despair and they drown themselves in meaningless relationships OR they actually LOVE and APPRECIATE themselves. It is a whole new idea for me. Self love and respect. I mean, I am from the Czech republic. When I guy insults you, it is taken for a sign of devotion.So I will try to bring this concept to my next relationship. Right now I am just standing in front of the mirror and telling myself: Alena, you are the sexiest thing ever. Which is totally sane and cool until your friend catches you doing it while touching your breasts.Anyway. Vive l’ amour and especially to myself. Being happy by myself is essential. Even though I  know am NOT better off that way. She says while stuffing her mouth with cookies wishing it was… a lollipop.