sobota 26. září 2015

The wonderful lives of alcoholics of the first world

Life is hard. The immense problem of being hangover, but there is another party today. The terrible decision between beer and wine, champagne and shots. The fact that you get too fat when you drink too much. Or too skinny. 

Or it actually really gets hard and you really have a problem.

The finest people I meet in LA are all alcoholics anonymous. The finest!

They have God, they always remember last night (when I don’t) and they have a sense of helpfulness and togetherness when everyone else in this city is "busy with their career" - a general excuse for not having a relationship, not going out to do something fun or not doing something that the person actually does’ t want to do at all - “I am busy working on my career”, she says while looking forward to spend the evening with "Orange Is The New Black" and Ben&Jerry’s.

Anyways. Stick out to Alcoholics Anonymous!
They have fun stories. They are usually the most sensitive wonderful people who needed to numb their big beautiful hearts. And! They actually LOVE seeing you drunk. 
And then drive you home safely.


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